Help fix over 30,000 PC issues that are slowing down your computer with System Mechanic. Try it now: UK or Ireland.

Overview of System Mechanic

The more you use your computer the more it fills up with internet files, programs that automatically start, and junk you don’t need. System Mechanic clears out unnecessary files, turns off or delays the start up of programs you aren’t using, and protects your personal information.

De-junks and cleans your slow PC

Your PC will run more efficiently when it's free of unnecessary files to bog it down. All-in-One PC Cleanup takes one click to clear out junk Windows, internet, and registry files. The Fast Repairs feature uses your processor to rapidly scan and repair issues like trapped memory.

Boosts internet speed

Get faster usage from Program Accelerator and NetBooster. Program Accelerator realigns program files for a quicker launch and better performance. NetBooster configures your PC for your specific internet connection, increasing the data transfer speed.

Improves performance

You get the most out of your PC when it's not trying to run everything at once. Startup Optimizer decreases the time it takes to get going by suppressing unnecessary programs from automatically starting. OptiCore recognizes programs that aren't essential to your task and de-prioritizes them. And ActiveCare runs fixes for your computer when it's idle, so you don't get interrupted for updates.

Protects your most sensitive personal information

The Privacy Shield feature ensures your personal info is not getting shared without your knowledge by disabling aggressive sharing services.

Good for the whole home

Your System Mechanic license covers all the PCs in the household. Get protected today! Try it now: UK or Ireland.