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Manage features in System Mechanic

System Mechanic, presented by Yahoo, does everything from optimizing your internet connection, to clearing out non-essentials, to keeping your info private.

Manage ActiveCare

ActiveCare finds and fixes problems when your computer is idle. This ensures your PC is ready for action, while eliminating interruptions for maintenance.

  1. Click ActiveCare in the left panel.
  2. Click Enable all (recommended), for best results, or select your preferences.
  3. Click Exit.

Run Program Accelerator

This feature realigns program files for fast access. The result is quicker, more responsive performance.

  1. Click Toolbox | select Speed Up.
  2. Click Program Accelerator.
  3. Select the hard drives you want to optimize | click Analyze Now.
  4. Once the analyzation is complete, click Optimize now.
  5. Click Exit.

Manage Startup Optimizer

This feature detects unnecessary programs that can be turned off or delayed when you start your PC so it doesn’t take forever to get going.

  1. Click the Toolbox menu | select Speed Up.
  2. Click Startup Optimizer.
  3. For each program, select Keep on, for programs you want to start when you boot up, click Delay, for those you want to start after your PC has completed its start up, or Turn off, for those you want to turn on manually, as needed. Click the drop-down menu next to each program to learn more about it.
  4. Click Exit.

Manage All-in-One PC Cleanup

This feature gets rid of junk files saved as internet, your registry, or in Windows.

  1. Click Toolbox | select Clean.
  2. Click All-in-One PC Cleanup.
  3. Select each item you want cleaned. Click the drop-down menu to learn about each option.
  4. Click Analyze Now.
  5. Once System Mechanic has finished analyzing, click Clean selected.
  6. Click Exit.

Manage NetBooster

Improve your internet connection for optimal performance.

  1. Click the Toolbox | select Speed Up.
  2. Click NetBooster.
  3. Select your internet connection.
  4. Click Optimize now. (You may be asked to refresh your internet connection. Click OK.)
  5. Click Exit.