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Reasons Yahoo deactivates or deletes an account

Depending on your account's history, it's possible for it to be removed from Yahoo and become inaccessible. You can always sign up for a new Yahoo Account, but keep in mind that your old Yahoo ID won't be available for you to use. These actions can result in an account being deleted:

  • You requested that your account be deleted.
  • You haven't signed into your account within the last 12 months.
  • Your account was used in a way that violates our Terms of Service.
  • Your account was deactivated as of May 25, 2018 given that our records showed that you were under the legal age of consent under applicable laws. Please note: As mentioned in our notification sent to users in April 2018, in light of the new General Data Protection Regulation, we no longer offer products or services to users under 16 (or the lower age that a Member State has provided to consent) in the EU/EEA region.