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POP server settings for Yahoo Mail

Here are the settings you'll need for sending and receiving your Yahoo Mail with an email client, like Outlook or Mac Mail.

Incoming Mail (POP) Server

Requires SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

  • Server -
  • Port - 995
  • Requires SSL - Yes

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server

Requires TLS (Transport Layer Security)

  • Server -
  • Port - 465 or 587
  • Requires SSL - Yes
  • Requires authentication - Yes

If your POP client doesn't offer TLS, you'll still be able to use SSL.

Login info (requires authentication)

  • Email address - Your full email address (
  • Password - Your account's password.

Good to know

POP only downloads info from Yahoo Mail to your client. It won't upload changes you've made in your client back to Yahoo Mail. If you'd like to sync both ways, you should consider using IMAP. Learn the differences between POP and IMAP.

Need help?

Check out our "Fix Yahoo Mail sending and receiving problems with POP mail clients" help article for more info.

For other help, or complete instructions on setting up POP, review the help pages for your email client or mobile device.

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