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Access Yahoo Mail on mobile devices

It's never been easier to get your Yahoo Mail on the go! Yahoo Mail can be accessed in a variety of ways across several mobile devices. Here's info you need to get started.

Accessing your Yahoo Mail on the go

Using a mobile Web browser

  • Mobile Web browsers are apps that allow you to access the web from your mobile device.
  • Most mobile devices come with a pre-installed Web browser.
    - Additional browsers (e.g., mobile versions of Opera, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox) are available for download via your device's app marketplace.
  • Using your preferred mobile web browser, visit https://uk.m.yahoo.com/, then tap Mail to access Yahoo Mail.

Using a pre-installed email client

  • Most smartphone and tablet devices come with pre-installed email clients, which can be used to access one or more email accounts.
    - These clients are often called "Mail" and can access Yahoo Mail and several other email services -- like Gmail, Hotmail, or Microsoft Exchange.
  • For set up assistance, select your device type below:

Using the official Yahoo Mail app

  • Yahoo offers official, fully-featured Yahoo Mail apps for Android, iOS, and Windows RT devices.
  •  You can find the official Yahoo Mail app by searching for "Yahoo" in your device's app marketplace.

Good to know: If you're not using one of the supported methods above, we can't guarantee product functionality. Please attempt to use one of the above methods prior to contacting us for assistance.