Spam or off-topic events are being posted to my group calendar

This article explains why unwanted content may be appearing in a group calendar and how group owners and moderators with sufficient privileges can control who posts or edits events.

If the calendar in a group is set to "Members (create/modify/delete events)" or "Public (anyone, including non-members, can view events)", any member in the group can post or edit a calendar event without having that content moderated or approved by a group moderator.

To prevent members from adding or editing calendar events:

  1. Click Management on the left side of any group page.
  2. Click Web Tools under "Group settings."
  3. Click Edit next to "Web Tools".
  4. Select Limited (members can view events; moderators can create/modify/delete events), under "Calendar."
  5. Click Save Changes.

Note: If the "Edit" link is not visible, you do not have the privilege to change group settings. In this case, you can contact the group owner to request the desired change or increased moderator privileges.

This will allow non-moderating members to view events and receive calendar reminders, but not create, edit, or delete events.

Note: Restricting access to the calendar will not delete any preexisting events posted by members. These must be deleted individually.