Get started with Flickr

Flickr is a great place to connect with friends and family, find new and amazing images from photographers all over the globe, and let others catch a glimpse of your vision of the world!

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Set up your account, upload, and share

With 1,000 GB of free storage, you can upload every photo you've ever taken! Privately back up your content with our Uploadr app or manually upload specific items. Once they're on Flickr, the fun is just beginning. Personalize your account, showcase your best work, and explore the Flickr universe.

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  New account owners - Get familiar with the basics of Flickr.

Get organized

Cultivate a visual journey from moment to moment by arranging your photos under albums. Make photos easier to find by tagging them with keywords, people, or even geo locations.

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  Tidy up your photos - Learn how keep organized.

Take action

Your Camera Roll in the cloud lets you instantly access any photo or video from any moment in time. Make a selection to reveal a number of quick edit tools to help you manage your catalog of content.

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  Manage your content - Learn how to use the Camera Roll.

Stay connected

Keep in touch with friends and family or get to know new photographers. Follow others to get their latest updates, comment on each other's posts, or send each other private messages with Flickrmail.

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Find common interest groups

Flickr groups bring people together with similar interests and a keen eye for the amazing. Share, view, and comment on topic-specific photos or discuss any topic that fits your fancy!

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  Group together - Learn all about Flickr groups.

Enjoy Flickr on the go!

Get the same experience whether you're at home or on your mobile device.

  • Manage content with the Cameral Roll.
  • Organize your content with albums.
  • Post and share your content with friends.
  • Automatically back up your device's content.
  • Fave, comment, or share others' photos.
  • Check out your friends' activity.
  • Find new friends, photos, and groups.

Learn more about all the cool things you can do from your mobile device in the getting started guide for your device:


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