Submit a press release or update your company info for Yahoo Finance

Company profile and industry listing data is provided to Yahoo Finance by Capital IQ and MorningStar. Company representatives can contact them to request updates. Press releases can be submitted through 4 newswire companies.

Update company information

The Key Executives list is provided by Capital IQ. Capital IQ compiles the executives list directly from a company's most recent DEF14A proxy statement. Yahoo Finance publishes up to 5 key executives.

Contact Capital IQ and MorningStar to review the information they have on file for your company and to request updates. It takes up to 14 days for the changes to display on Yahoo Finance.

Submit press releases

Submit press releases through contributing newswire companies. For a fee, they distribute company announcements to hundreds of news services.

For a press releases to be indexed in Yahoo Finance the company must be traded on an exchange that Yahoo Finance covers. The press release must include the ticker symbol in the header/slug of the release (a newswire rep can help with this). 

Contributing newswires: