Overview of Yahoo Ad Free Mail

Yahoo Ad Free Mail has replaced Yahoo Mail Plus as our premium mail service. If you're currently a Yahoo Mail Plus subscriber, don't worry. We have you covered.

What is Ad Free Mail?

Ad Free Mail accounts:

  • Don't have text or graphical ads in desktop Yahoo Mail.
  • Won't go inactive.
  • Cost $49.99 a year.

Ready to sign up? Our sign up for Yahoo Ad Free Mail article has all the info.

Current Yahoo Mail Plus subscribers

We appreciate your support and are happy to offer you the continued price of $19.99 / year for the features available in Yahoo Ad Free Mail.

  • If your account is currently subscribed to Yahoo Mail Plus, you'll continue to pay $19.99 / year for an ad free Yahoo Mail experience.
    - Your account will continue to function as it always has.
  • You won't need to do anything when your yearly Mail Plus subscription ends.
    - As long as your account is active and in good standing, you'll continue to renew as a Yahoo Ad Free Mail subscriber for $19.99 each year on your anniversary date.

Differences between Standard Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Ad Free Mail

Exclusive features for Yahoo Ad Free Mail accounts:

  • No Ads - No graphical ads will display in your desktop Yahoo Mail.
    - Ads will still display in Yahoo Mail on mobile devices. 
  • No account expiration - Your account will not go inactive.
Feature Yahoo Ad Free Mail Standard  Yahoo Mail
No Ads Yes No
No account expiration Yes No
Disposable Address Yes Yes
200 Filters Yes Yes
POP & Forwarding Yes Yes

Standard Yahoo Mail accounts

Free Yahoo Mail accounts offer these features:

Feature Before Now
No Ads No No
No account expiration No No
Disposable Address No Yes
200 Filters No Yes
POP & Forwarding No Yes


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